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Written by: Michele Riggio-Tersigini

Hi I’m Michele Riggio-Tersigni and I love to cook and bake.  This past year I started a new journey of a healthier way of eating and living.  At the age of 65 both my hubster and myself felt we needed a change for the better since we are not getting any younger and both of us were borderline diabetics.  

I honestly did not know much at all about doing Keto but I did know how to cut back on Carbohydrates.  Of course, that would entail giving up our much-loved bread, pastas, rice etc.  In the beginning I was not sure we could do this type of lifestyle but I figured why not I tried everything else what’s the worse thing that could happen we fail.   Would not be the first time.  After all, 18 years ago, I had Gastric Bypass Surgery and lost over 105 lbs. only to gain about 55 of it back over the years.   

My longtime girlfriend convinced me to give it a try and suggested to help us get started we would order these Exogenous Ketones that she and her hubby were drinking.  At first, I though yeah right, a drink twice a day and our cravings for carbohydrates will end.  I honestly did not believe it at all but I figured why not give it a try.  

I ordered the ten-day trial, went to the local library, found a few food charts online to get us started and went through my fridge and pantry removing every single item that we could not have.  Believe you me it was two full construction bags full of so many things that were not on that food chart.  

I then went grocery shopping to replace everything with healthier choices, so long sugar and hello Monk Fruit Sweetener.  Good bye Macaroni and hello zucchini noodles.  Every single thing I packed was replaced with a healthier choice.

It was really hard at first because I knew absolutely nothing about baking keto etc.  I learned very quickly there are tips and tricks to doing it.  If you could see some of disasters you would have laughed.

After a few weeks of getting, it down I decided to start playing with recipes and putting forth the knowledge I had learned from others on the internet and in the books, I took out from the library.  Each month that passed it got easier and easier to adjust and our cravings for all those carbohydrates were gone. 

I started to do lives on cooking healthy and eating healthier and oh yes that ten-day trial ended up a lifetime trial as it worked for both of us. We are both down to our fighting weight and have not felt this good in over 21 years.  I actually became a promoter for this ketone company and I have been helping many others to learn and obtain their goals through a healthier way of eating and living.  

Michele is the host of our show, Nature Coast Living. She shares her healthy lifstyle tips and tricks, recipes, and her life on the Nature Coast of Florida.

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