Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Biggest Goal Upon Exiting Prison is to Meet Taylor Swift!


According to sources at TMZ Gypsy Rose Blanchard is dying to meet Talyor Swift once she is released from prison tomorrow. Why is this not a surprise to me?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is serving a 10 year sentence for the second-degree murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Last year the parole board granted her parole after she completed 8 years of time and she is scheduled to be released December 28, 2023.

Gypsy Rose announced in July of 2022 that she had found love once again through email and married a Louisiana teacher, Ryan Scott Anderson. According to sources at In Touch Magazine (I have done many articles with In Touch, including an 8 part series debunking The Act) A few months later Gypsy had announced the couple had decided to annul their marriage. However, upon further investigation no such paperwork had been filed.

Anderson who was a teacher at a private school in Louisiana was let go for his involvement with his wife. Gypsy took to TikTok in an outrage through her friend Rachell Garlick’s account. Demanding everyone should fight for her husband and how unfair this all was. Here is another clear cut way that Gypsy again shows she does not believe that rules and laws apply to her.

Apparantley in April of 2023, Gypsy spoke out when Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter, had messaged her. Gypsy lashed out calling him crazy and that his attention was not wanted as she was a married woman. Gypsy has continuously claimed to not want the spotlight the media has created around her but continuously uses media to run to when she wants attention or to hurt others publicly.

Upon her exit from prison in December Gypsy is releasing a Lifetime Special where she claims she will reveal never before details of her life. Official Trailer. A few weeks after her release she will accompany her husband to a Kansas City Chiefs Game where she is hoping she might get a chance to meet her idol, Taylor Swift.

During the years that DeeDee and Gypsy were in the height of their fraud Gypsy was afforded several FREE trips all over the country. Sh met numerous celebrities, including having lunch with the entire cast of Harry Potter. She even recieved donations from celebrities like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. So she is no stranger to meeting people she admired that others would normally never achieve.

Gypsy claims that Swift has taught her what real girl power is. Gypsy’s fascination with celebrities was heavily influenced by her mother, who once claimed she was dating, Jackie Blades of Night Ranger despite him still currently being married to the wife he was with at the time. To hear all about this story and more about DeeDee check out our original podcast on the case, The Good Wives’ Guide to True Crime.

It never ceases to amaze me that Gypsy constantly shows the world exactly who she is and yet everyone ignores it. Gypsy still believes she deserves special treatment and will go to great lengths to achieve this. It’s not going to stop now that she’s out of prison in fact it’s my opinion it’s going to be even more prevalant now.. Her new found international fame is going to be an endless sea of celebrities and perks. All this for convincing a mentally disabled young man to murder her mother brutaly just 8 years ago.

While in prison Gypsy has taken no steps to help her mental health after being involved in DeeDee’s scams for 23 years. She has admitted to taking a few anger management courses but that does not begin to scratch the surface of what Gypsy needs to come out and be productive in society. She certainly dosn’t need the influence of a man-eating pop star.

Whether Gypsy was a willing participant in the fraud or not one cannot deny that DeeDee only taught her daughter skills that are not acceptable in society. Manipulation, utilizing sympathy as a weapon and means to get what she wants, skirting the rules and laws is all Gypsy knows and without serious mental health help she will continue with this behavior as she has done while in prison.

This is just another example and I’m sure it won’t be the last we hear of Gypsy’s new celebrity status.

Fancy Macelli, is the leading expert on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case. She appeared and largely contributed to the information shared in A&E’s Killer Cases covering this case. Before her split off from the family she also appeared on The Reelz channel’s Copycat Killers however her opinions have greatly changed since that interview based on new evidence. Fancy is currently finishing up a degree in Forensic Psychology which she was inspired to do from her work investigating Gypsy’s case. She has been regularly featured in articles on this case with the Springfield News Leader, In Touch Magazine, People Magazine and multiple other publications. She has been invited to speak on several occasions on this case and her knowledge on Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome or Factitous Disease Imposed Upon Another.

Currently she owns The Good Wives’ Network, a streaming platform on Roku, Android TV, and Amazon TV that will premiere early next year, along with partners Colleen & Sara with guidance from their late beloved friend and forver partner, Christina. The GWN provides content for women by a network of women. From cooking to true crime and everything in between.

These ladies have also launched their own non-profit Stop the Cycle of Abuse Program to help prevent Intimate Partner Violence inspired by their work on this case and several others in the Springfield Area.

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