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Written by: Fancy Macelli

Lacey Spears appeared to be the perfect blogging mommy. She lived a simple life nestled in the outskirts of New York City in a small community called the Fellowship. members of the community were tasked with caring for their elderly and in exchange, they were given a free place to live.

Lacey had moved there just before her son Garnett was about to start school. He had been a sick child from birth and Lacey wanted a good place for him to go to school that also had good medical care. Lacey and Garnett were beloved in the community and were friends to everyone. Garnett’s smile was said to be infectious and he grabbed the hearts of many residents.

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Lacey enjoyed caring for people. She’d done it her whole life. She’d been a daycare worker right after leaving high school and even helped friends out by caring for their children overnight and sometimes even offering weekend stays.

Garnett suffered from failure to thrive since birth and single mother Lacey cared greatly for her son always running him from doctor to doctor to get him the best medical care. One night 5-year-old Garnett became deathly ill and was rushed to the hospital. Lacey claimed her son was having seizures and vomiting. Doctors worked round the clock to treat Garnett and after a couple of days he was on the med and was being released to go home but suddenly Garnett’s sodium level spiked to 182 with no apparent reason.

Lacey sobbed while hospital staff diligently worked to figure out what had caused this mysterious spike in sodium levels. Garnett was airlifted to a more specialized hospital but it was too late. The levels had done their damage and little Garnett was gone. A mother struck with grief not understanding what could have happened. But doctors and staff were suspicious of the mother and law enforcement was called.

Terms like salt poisoning and Munchaussean By Proxy began getting thrown around and the grieving mother seemed to crumble as an investigation was opened. Law Enforcement determined they thought Lacey had poisoned her young son’s feeding tube causing the outrageous spike. There was an estimated equivalency to 69 small salt packets found in one of the feeding tube formulas.

When investigators began to dig they found a whole mountain of suspicious activity dating back to childhood on Lacey. Faked illnesses of her own, alleged sexual abuse, habitual lies, passing other children off as her own, faking relationships, the list went on and on and nothing was as it seemed where Lacey was concerned. Lacey was charged in the murder of her son and convicted of 20 years to life but she still maintains her innocence.

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