A Familiar Story

We met Anne (name changed for safety) in 2017 when she applied as a psychology student to work on our investigative team dealing with the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case unfolding in her hometown. It became clear rather quickly that something terrible was happening in her personal life.

In 2018 Anne began trying to escape her husband and save the lives of her and her children but Law Enforcement in Springfield MO has not helped her. She and several witnesses have made numerous 911 calls, sent letters to the governor, contacted Dan Patterson the DA, and called DSS over and over. All it has gotten her is more abuse from the person she has been trying to report. In 2021 Anne filed for two restraining orders back to back. Once on Thursday and it was denied, Again on Friday and it was denied, and Saturday she ended up in the hospital from a suspected poisoning. The hospital released her while she was still out of her mind and suffering affects from whatever had been given to her and never once questioned the suspect.

In September of 2022 Anne showed up on Fancy’s doorstep weighing in at 77 lbs., dazed, confused, and barely alive. She fled the state after she suspected again that her husband was trying to kill her. Due to the way Anne was treated in her state she had no choice but to leave her two children behind so she could be alive to fight for them. She had no money, no clothes, no social security card, and no birth certificate because her abuser refused to allow her to take anything, including her son.

Anne’s story will be featured in our anchor true crime show on The GWN. Conversations with a Captive- The Psychological Murder of Anne will provide a heavy hitting, real-time investigation to unfold what happened to Amanda and her children and how the system failed them epically. Our first episode will premiere at our Friday night cocktail party, June 9, 2023 as well as live on our Network broadcasted to Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, Apple Tv, Smart Tv and Android Tv, and mobile apps at 8/9PM CST on Wednesday’s.

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