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My Quest to Get The Attention of Gary Vee

Today was a rough day. I admitted I just couldn’t pull off something I had sank my heart and soul into. It wasn’t easy. It’s something I just have never been good at. On a day I could have by all rights taken the day to lay down and cry and rest my very weary head. Instead I dcided to do something CRAZY!!!!! I wrote to Gary Vee, a guy I consider to be the best social media marketer in the world. I tell everyone about him and his 88 pieces of content from one long form content (something I have yet to accomplish but I’m close). I consistantly talk about how it’s not about thee failure, it’s about the pivot so today I pivoted in an epic way. I vowed to write to Gary evry day until he emails me back. I took this idea from a person who made it work. So, if they can get Gary’s attention I sure as shit am going to do everything I can to get it as well.

Here’s the email I sent today. I’ll be sharing each one of them to see how long it takes him to respond. Anyone want to place bets????

Hi Gary,

I’m a big fan of you and your intense marketing and media strategy. In fact this is not the first time I’ve emailed you. I think I emailed you right before the pandemic about a project I wanted to film that could feature your sneakers as a main point of the film.

Since then I’ve struggled a lot. The pandemic was the worst, best thing to ever happen to me and even today I think what the fuck am I doing. Today was a huge disappointment for me because I had to admit defeat. 

I own a brand new streaming network that was born out of our moderatly successful podcast, The Good Wives’ Guide to True Crime. I am the leading expert on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case and from that I’ve grown myself into a content creator that will out work, out hustle pretty much anyone around. I work my ass off with little to no help. I’m not throwing a pity party I’m just being real.

June 10 was supposed to be my big day. The Launch Party for my network and nonprofit. The Good Wives’ Network is a network for women by a network of women. I work with incredible content creators and our main goal is to produce content for women that enlightens, inspires, encourages, and empowers women in a time I feel is incredibly hard to be a woman. Not a popular opinion I know.

Today, I had to cancel that event. I made a collossal mistake, one sadly I have made often. I put trust in people that consistently let me down. I simply want to believe they won’t. But time and time again they do. Maybe I expect to much from people. Maybe I think I do this so they must be able to as well. When truth is they aren’t bad people they just don’t have the same drive I have. You can’t force people to have passion and drive.

So, why write you? Today of all days. A day I really just want to bury my head in the sand and not be me. But I full heartedly preach on it’s not about the failure it’s all about the pivot. Today I really don’t want to pivot, but I must. It’s just who I am. I’m not good at admitting defeat and I sure as shit am not going to let a little mistake in trusting humanity stop me.

I’m 48 years old, a grandmother, struggling with long term Covid, but that does not define me. I define me. And so today on a low day I come to you after watching several of your videos, something I do quite often at low points. I came across a video from a guy named, Zach Dixon. He explained how he set out on a mission to get 10 minutes of your time by emailing you everyday. I thought dude I can do that.

So here I am professing I will write you every day until you respond. My question for you today I feel is one you’d like to answer. You talk a lot about the platforms. Linkedin, Facebook, Insta, TikTok but I never ever hear you mention Pinterest. Why? It’s a search engine just like Google and YouTube. It’s highly undervalued and it’s one way I am working to stand out where nobody else really is. So why does Pinterest get no love from you Gary?

Okay, I’ve taken up enough of your time. I’ll be back tomorrow with more of my story and what I do and of course another question. Much love and respect.

Follow along with my journey to speak to one of the busiest men on earth. I’ll be updating every day here or on social media. So make sure you’ve clicked all the buttons on here for socials and then check out how it all goes. It could epically fail. IDK we shall find out together.

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