Introducing A New Network For Women
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Introducing The Good Wives’ Network

Hello friends,

Fancy, Christina, Colleen & our whole Mad Ginger Entertainment Team are pleased to announce our very own network. We’ve been on YouTube for about three years now and sadly true crime just doesn’t have a place there unless it’s from the major networks. For some reason, they are perfectly able to monetize and run all kinds of ads but when you are an independent true crime reporter most of your videos get “demonitized.”

This has seriously limited our ability to grow. It’s frustrating to pour our hearts and souls into our content to not be appreciated by the platform you are posting on. So, Fancy, went looking for a new way for us to get our content out there. She found an incredible new way to bring everything we do over here at MGE to your very own TV sets. Cool right? You’ll be able to see us on several streaming sites.

Th Good Wives’ Network is a network specifically designed for women by women. Gentelman you are welcome too but we really wanted to focus on the ladies and what we all love to consume. GWN won’t just be true crime (although we can’t lie this will be a heavy focus); we want to bring you cooking shows for the practical women of today, help you gain a healthy and happy life with our wellness programming, and even have some mild political debate and news type shows.

GWN will launch in early 2023 so be on the look out for it. We will start with RoKu as our first streaming platform and grow all through next year adding AppleTv as our second venture and several other major streaming sources. You’ll also be able to join our membership clubs for bonus content and incredible perks. Don’t forget to grab your copy of our book on the Murder of DeeDee Blanchard coming out in April of 2023. We’ll also be launching a live tour next year so we might just end up in your town. Check back here for release & tour dates. We look forward to seeing you on your TV.

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