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If you are tired of hearing NO from Traditional Network & Streaming Media & Advertisers this is a chance for you to hear YES!!!!!

Mad Ginger Entertainment (MGE) started as a dream in Fancy’s living room and has grown to so much more. We now have podcasters & video content creators stretched across the US with listeners from all around the world. We have been featured in magazines, true crime programs, and host our own video & audio content. We have given presentations on true crime at a variety of genre specific conventions both in the thrill seeking community and the literary community. We have done all of this on our own with little to no budget and have grown our followership to the tens of thousands. A much awaited documentary, Gypsy & Nick: America’s Sweetheart Murderers will be released in June.

Right now is an interesting time for the entertainment industry. A time many of us indie producers never thought would happen but it has. It’s time to act and seize this unique opportunity. Hollywood is falling. With the need for more and more content for people to consume and binge and discuss they simply can’t meet all the needs. In comes the indie producers to give content consumers a more personalized content lineup. But platforms like YouTube and Rumble and social media etc. can demonitize or delete your channels/pages/content with no warning making it almost impossible for indie content producers to survive. Not to mention the pool of content producers is limited by these networks.

In early 2023 MGE launched our first streaming network. The Good Wives’ Network is “T.V. For Women by Women.” Available on Amazon Fire Tv, Roku, Android TV, Smart TVs, Apple TV, and mobile devices starting now. Tune in while we are in soft launch to catch sneak peak episodes of our newest shows. Not, the sappy, and quite mundane programming Lifetime offers but content for women with substance. Content that engages their minds, bodies, and souls. While not all shows will be solely produced by women the MGE team will oversee all content on the platform to ensure it meets our content guidelines for our target audience and will work with creators personally to ensure it meets these standards. Our staff is here to help you all along the way from concept to distribution.. A 100% indie endeavor. No bigwig executives that have no clue about what the people we talk to everyday wants to see. Real Indie producers just like you creating content just like you.

We have also launched our own Podcast network. If you want to start a new podcast or need help with your existing podcast we can help. We grew our podcast with no budget and it was hard but we learned a lot. Let us pass on our knowledge and connect with other successful podcasts coming up on our platform.

This form is for our friends in the indie production field of podcasting and video content. We are looking for new content creators to partner with. Please only send the information requested. We are not taking unsolicited submissions at this time. However, if you have a great new completed or proposed show pitch you think we’d be interested in please fill out the form and if it’s something we think is right for us we will be in contact.

If you would like to find out how the GWN can help you get your content out across multiple platforms contact us:

Please include Your Name, Production Name, Status of Project, Any Attachments, And a 2 to 3 Sentence Description of Your Project ONLY
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